Oh, what fun!


I did this little ladies’ big brother’s cake smash a couple years ago. It’s one of my top favorite sessions I’ve ever done. Needless to say, I was super nervous going into this one. How could I possibly match big brother’s??

I needn’t have worried. It helps these are just the sweetest babies. And this sweetie’s colors and we hit the light just right. Yum. Just yum. I love shooting in winter light so just give me allllllllll the Winter One-derland cake smashes please!


Tis the season.


Anyone completely frazzled by the onset of the holiday season? This mama sure is. Totally self-induced. Our hometown does such a great job of filling this season with magical activities and this crazy mama wants to DO THEM ALL, much to the dismay of my husband haha.

This sweet mama has been caught up in my craziness and has patiently waited WAY TOO LONG for her sneak peek. And what a shame because this much sweetness needed to be shared right away ❤


BlogBoard-7From butterfly kisses to tiny toes, this was the sweetest newbie session I’ve shot in awhile! Check back for more.

I’ve been a busy little bee so expect to see a bunch from Blümchen Photography in the next few days!

Want to join in the fun? Contact Blümchen Photography to schedule your session. It’s not too early to start thinking Christmas cards!




I’ve done terribly at sharing personal photos on this blog. Honestly, I’ve done just as terribly at SHOOTING personal photos! Eek! So easy to grab that iPhone, I’m afraid my DSLR is gathering dust. Trying so hard to change that and the gorgeous tones of these greenhouse shots are begging to be shared. Yum.

Anyone else obsessed with succulents?? I started because they were trendy (yes, I’m that person-no shame) but I can see why they’re popular! I’m hardly a green thumb but succulents are so easy! They really thrive on hands off care, which is perfect for this busy mama of four. Right now, totally obsessed with converting vintage troll dolls into succulent planters. I have more than 20 all around my house. This trip to the garden center was to purchase some plants for a large two foot troll I’ve been meaning to fill!Pictures to come!


Don’t hold your breath though. Haha.